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Global movement

George Floyd RIOTS- What have these protests accomplished so far?

5/26 – 4 officers fired for murdering George Floyd 5/28 Univ of Minn cancels contract with police 5/28 3rd precinct police station neutralized by protestors 5/28 ATU Local 1005 refuses to bring police officers to protests, or transport arrested protesters 5/29 Activists commander hotel to provide shelter to homeless 5/29 Officer Chauvin who killed Floyd arrested 5/29 Louisville Mayor suspends “no-knock” warrants in response to polices 3/12 5/30 US Embassies… …

Global movement

Black Lives Matters! Ferguson is burning after grand jury decision of no-charges for police officer who killed Michael Brown LIVE REPORT

Ferguson, Missouri, erupts in violence after grand jury verdict not to charge Darren Wilson for shooting dead unarmed black teenager Michael Brown – follow live updates VOID NETWORK expresses solidarity for the uncompromised struggle of people all over Amerikkka against the police brutality and the totalitarian “justice” regime that offers to any policeman the right to kill people in the streets with “no-charges” for centuries now! This has to end… …


WHY RIOT? — by Phil A. Neel / Ultra magazine

Two years ago in Seattle, on May 1st, 2012, roughly four to five hundred people engaged in the largest riot the city had seen in more than a decade. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of property were destroyed[i], a minor state of emergency was declared, and the next day’s headlines were filled with horror stories of crazy, “out-of-town” anarchists run amok. This event, occurring on the tail end of the… …


“The Rioter and the Witch” by Olivier Marboeuf

(…) For weeks, the riots filled our screens with their void. What did we see? Fires in the night, enigmatic, faceless youths who disappeared seamlessly into darkness or behind smoke-screens, according to vanishing recipes we know nothing about. Something that refuses to be grasped but traps us in a fascinating anxiety. A possession. Like every magic ritual, a riot is a fleeting moment of perception of the invisible. It corresponds… …

Global movement

Video Channel from insurrected Turkey. Spread the News / Never Trust Mass Media!

This is a youtube channel with videos from revolted Turkey Download them, share them, see them before the censorship delete them from internet! The social uprising in Turkey continues and our friends and comrades in Turkey need the help from all of us. Share the authentic news from underground media sources, express your solidarity with all possible ways, help the message of revolted Turkish people to travel as further as… …

Global movement

“Democracy kidnapped” in Spain

     Thousands marched yesterday in Spain near the parliament building, demanding the resignation of Mariano Rajoy’s government as well as the rewrite of constitution. The police have fired rubber bullets and baton-charged protesters. Spanish media reported that at least 32 people were detained and more than a dozen injured. The protesters dispersed after MPs left the building. A demonstrator, Montse Puigdavall spoke at BBC: I’m here because of all the… …

Global movement

Witness: Children of the Riots. (Words, Images & Moments from the streets of Athens)

SEE THE VIDEO HERE As the financial crisis weighs heavily on Greece,  the country seems trapped in a dead end.  But discontent over the misuse of power has  long been simmering.  Greek youths reflect on how the killing  of a teenager by police and the global spreading  of economic, political and social crisis changed  their lives for ever. This is a short documentary about  children of the streets, children from… …

Global movement

Fight Against G-20 in Pittsburgh…What Happened There?

photos originaly from Reuters and Associated Press Void Network and Void Mirror international blog offers here analysis and review from Crimethic Ex Workers Collective about the riots took place in Pittsburgh-U.S.A. during the conference of G-20 there… As long as the “world leaders” and the financial elite will gather to organize the exploitation of human beings and the destruction of Earth, they will be allways sensitive and consciouss human beings… …

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