Void Optical Arts Laboratories and Global Eye participates in the 2nd Meeting of Greek Photographic Groups in the Benakis Museum / Peireus rd. 138

October 27, 2006

Void Optical Arts Laboratory and Global Eye(London Void Network)
will participate in the 2nd Meeting of Greek Photographic groups and Clubs October 27, 28 and 29, 2006 in order to establish contact with photographers and art photography groups from all over Greece. We will present Void Art and Void Network’s philosophy about “art”, collective creativity and construction of cross-platform collaborations and open public gatherings. Void Network will manifest at 12 noon, October 28, 2006. There will be a multi media presentation that will include readings from the Void Network Manifesto and a lecture by Anastasios Sagris: “Void Art / Inner Space Art” : Developing a new way of observing World Horizons.Void Optical Art Laboratories will present a 20 minute live multi media show.

organized by :
Greek Photography Center/ Photography Center of Thessaloniki

and the magazine


location :

Void Network contact:
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photography of the post : Global Eye(London Void Network)

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