Rock Live Concert in Squatted High School

November 2, 2006

In all of Greece, there are students fighting against commercialization of education resulting from capitalistic efforts to conquer all sides of life, all activities, all needs. 1100 High Schools and almost every university is squatted by these students …We fight as Void Network together with these students to stop these changes in education and so keep it Free for all and Public.We give our collective efforts to disallow governments and multinational corporations from using their cynicism and massive propaganda to the detriment of children, students, and teachers, from using their influence through the media, and mainstream culture to turn all of us into nothing more than “consumers”, “spectators” and “submissive workers”…
We will build our future together, we will build our Critical Mind…We are not such easy victims…

Our Dreams Will Be Their Nightmares
Rock Live Concert in Squatted High School
Lost Bodies, Low Gravity, Three Way Plane,

Twin Peags, The Screaming Fly
+ special guests school bands
+ projections by Void Optical Arts Laboratory

5th High School / Athens / Exarchia / Asklipiou rd +Valtesiou str
Saturday 4 November 2006
From 7 o clock in the afternoon until 2 o clock in the night

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