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About the translation of “Days Of Love Nights of War” in Greek language

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In 8 November 2006
Void Network organized a wonderfull night in Nosotros (Free Social Space), dedicated to the reading of the new tranlations from the book “Days Of War, Nights Of Love” by the ( reading of the introduction and the first chapter).

The people from the Void Optical Arts Laboratory prepared some great visuals for the night including all the pictures from the site of crimethinc and hundreds of pictures of political and social abstraction (hungry children, fat capitalists, homeless people, happy super market girls, crying refuges, air-bombed cities, street riots and waves in stormy weather e.t.c.)
D.J. Sissy Stardust mixed psychedelic ambient soudscapes with the reading voices and continued to play for hours after….
But the greatest of all….and the reason for this post is that……
Two new persons offered themselves to participate in the Void Laboratory of Translators and also to take part in the process of the translation of “Days Of War, Nights of Love”. So, now they will be four tranlators focus on this book and this will give us the chance to finish the translation in the next 3 months…
All the people from Void Network feel very happy for that and we thank the new come translators for their participation…


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