Void Network HISTORY>>ELECTRIC UNIVERSE live concert in Athens for the 15 years anniversary of Void Network

February 9, 2007
Electric Universe at Polytechnioupoli- Athens Polytechnic University Campus

There was more than 6000 people that came to celebrate the 15 years anniversary of
Void Network in the Polytechnic University campus.We made the first rave in this campus in 1993…and we keep goin’on. But, for all those years we never invited someone outside of Greece to play in our situations…We knew that if someone will ever come he has to be a real spiritual friend of us…
So, that’s why we invited Electric Universe…
in a free entrance Temporary Autonomous Ecstatic Zone
It was realy a crazy night…
Saturday 17 September 2005. It was full moon, in the end of the summer, a hot Athenian night, d.j.Kinomatix opened the night, then Crystal Zero played original Goa Trance sound, then d.j.Nikitas made all the people explode and then Electric Universe turned everything into a collective psychedelic experience. Many people attacked to the police outside of the university campus and there was fights outside the party, tear gas, panic, chaos, trance, ecstatic love and crazy dancing, amazing void optical art projections by Glarax, Georgia Sagri, Yiannis Nisidis, Tasos Sagris and archive shows by many other Void Network optical artists, d.j. Jodi Sidhu arrived in the morning and he played as a special surprise act and then Iraklis Mindphaser from the Natural High Family played until 12 o clock in the morning some of his greatest tunes. All the people felt the power of the underground resistance, everybody was realy happy together…It was one of our greatest nights…a crazy, ecstatic, wonderful night…
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