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July 2007


Are You gonna fight to save the Earth or someone Else will do this for you?

AreYougonna fightto save the Earthorsomeone Else will do this for you? …cause there are millions of dollars in the“eco-save the planet business”for smart politicians, flexible corporationsand hungry N.G.O.sin a society of apathy and stupidity like our “modern” western societies… Self-organized, Non-Hierarchical, Direct Action made byCitizens withActivated Critical Mind (think about it…!) Θα αγωνιστείςΕσύ ο ίδιοςγια να σώσεις την Γηή κάποιος Άλλοςθα το κάνει αυτό για εσένα ;;;… Γιατίξέρεις,…υπάρχουνπολλά εκατομμύρια δολλάριαστην“σώσε… …

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Against the burning of mountain Parnitha / Ενάντια στην καταστροφή της Πάρνηθας

This is a manifesto that announces our participation in the demonstration organised by the Greek Bloggers in front the Greek parliament as an outcry for the burning of the ancient forest of mountain Parnitha in the last week outside Athens… Our participation in the demonstration outside the Greek Parliament on 8 July in the 8.00 evening time against the arson of Parnitha (that has been called by the sensitive self-organised… …

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