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Against the distruction of River Axeloos/ 24-25-26 August 2007

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Void Network participates officially in the 3 days camping in the river Axeloos and the fight against the diversion of the river that will cause great ecological destruction just for the benefit of the construction companies and the status of the local politicians.Void Network creative crew designed and print the poster (10.000 issues in all Greece) and the flyer (25.000 issues in all Greece). Void Optical Art Laboratory will make a two days show (24,25 August)during the musical events. Dj Crystal Zero and Dj Sissy Stardust will play ambient electronica, electro dub and space trance music in an all night show in Friday 24… Void Network activists will participate in the direct actions for the protection of river Axeloos during the big demonstration of August 26 For all info about the 3 days camping and about the fight against the diversion of river Axeloos ( unfortunately only in Greek language) search at the

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