Global Earth Academy / Open Invitation

September 13, 2007

Earth Academy

S.O.S. This is a global warning / this is an open invitation

We would like to see people, common interesting people from different cultures, ages and backgrounds, people with common interests that would form new networks of relations, webs of a new way of social life based on interdependence, empathy and wisdom and standing antagonistically to a world of apathy, ego, greed, fear, lies, and boundaries. We would like to see affinity groups, open meeting points, collective experiences, great piratical adventures, new myths and fairytales, wonderful nights and inspirational daydreaming, future revolutionary visions and extremely powerful ecstatic collective moments.

We would like to see anti-dogmatic open-hearted people that have the ability to challenge themselves, to challenge their knowledge, to challenge their way of life, to challenge their societies, the public institutions and to challenge all governments.

We would like to see companies of friends that fight against capitalistic companies for a better life on planet Earth for everybody.

From now on all friendship will be Revolutionary

The main project of Global Earth Academy is to bring physically together creative people wishing to engage with these issues, help each other be better prepared to form and enforce their dreams, provide a close network of friends for future collaborations and support.

Our plan is whilst exploring our planet Earth stay in a series of natural and urban locations, meet up with like minded positive revolutionary people from all over the world, spending anything between a few days or a few months teaching each other, learning through experiential collaborative projects, exchanging information and inspiration, creating, sharing, growing and built up together a great free open public festival as a conclusion of this meeting.

Our day programe is simple : Every individual, being both student and teacher, aiming to posses the collective knowledge of the whole group. Sharing and exchange of practical information, technologies, artworks and skills in the mornings, putting it in creative collaborative practice in the afternoons and spending celebrative free time in the evenings. At the end of each Global Earth Academy residency the results of all the cross platform collaborative projects will be presented in the form of an interactive artistic show allowing for the open public social interaction with the local community and the wider world.

Skills to exchange and put in practice: media, photography, music, painting, drawing, sculpture, performance, graphics, fashion, design, theatre, dance, poetry, political philosophy, anthropology, spiritual cultivation, confidence, determination, science, electronics, software, sustainable living, culture jamming, moneyless urban survival, squatting, wilderness survival, zen aikido, reiki, meditation, nutrition, health, communication, philosophy, economics, anti-business, piratic managing, traveling, collaboration, Kosmo-Political Consciousness, happiness, empathy, wisdom…

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