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EXPAND YOUR MIND ! / a void art film made by Global Eye and Void Network

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The threat of expulsion in the absence of conformity:
This state of fear disables the individual.

A mental control that subsequently becomes physically manifest.
We believe
that societies’ biggest impairment is the belief that any one of us or even all of us are not capable of improving our world for the better. The root of this impairment is solely mental, not physical.
As a result, we aim to fight power structures
while empowering the individual as well as collective consciousness.
The very existence of
international financial, political, religious, intellectual and artistic Elites has resulted in the denial of Freedom of speech, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Open Public Assembly, Freedom of Mutual Aid and Collaboration.

Placing “art” solely in an art context is, in a way, relegating it to exist only within that context.
Restricting the distribution of and opportunities to access new ideas and emotions is something “govern-mental” institutions do.
Why voluntarily censor yourself?
We see Art, Philosophy, Critical Thinking, Enthusiasm, Collective Ecstasy and Revolt as mental and emotional practices perfectly suited as a tool for enablement,
a mental liberator that in turn can lead
to positive physical revolutionary changes.

fragment from Void Network Manifesto

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