We are so happy to find ourselves again in the Polytechnic University campus of Athens that it seems to be our most favorite place fororganizing our celebrations. The first raves in Greece started here byVoid Network in 1992…and is been a long long wayuntil now…The president of the university triesto keep the campus as a closed castle during the weekendsand negates any chance of autonomous iniciative that comesfrom independent students or citizens…We will not allow this to happen…With our small powers we fight for Utopia and FreedomWe want to see many different companies of friendsto reclaim the university campus all around Europe and express their ideas, their lifestyles, their arts and visions…
The Electro Free Festival no.9 had a lot of problems to face but also had the luck to be one of the best underground events for electronic sound of this year.In the first day (Friday 9 May 2008) more than 1200 people came to travel in the future sound of electronic dance musik.The main stage accomodated the new sound of psychedelic trance with some of the fresh djs as Fan E, Gloster, Leandros as also some underground respectfull sound explorers as d.j. Nikitas and Prizon. In the second stage, the Chill out area, also we had the chance to hear some new artists of Void Network collectiveas Spiral Eternal (aka SpiralX) and Highpno as also Sissy Stardust and Raman that offered to all of us a space out experience of thoughtfull ambient.

In the second day (Saturday 10 May 2008) more than 3000 people came to the festival that transformed in 3 stages dance experience. The Techno stage show started with Kinomatik and George Apergisand d.j. Dura and Keltia from England took everybody in anelectro acid techno manik dancing night…D.j. DD and Kernecoremodeplayed inspirational space dubstep sounds in the morning also there.In the Dub Reggae stage appeared some of the best artistsof Athenian dub reggae scene (that is big enough nowdays anyway)”Underground Reggae Movement Sound System” and Bushman Tribe from Void Network played original Jamaican dub reaggae in the south European lands and Direct Connection Sound System played some of the best dubstep tunes of our times. In the trance stage Highpno and d.j Vertigo from Void Network started the night with neo-Goa and atmospheric trance sounds, Chris D prooved that he is a new and very interesting sound traveler in the Athenian underground scene and Dr.Sammy prooved thatas he promissed to all of us some weeks ago “he was ready to burn the place down”…Everybody dancing in the open sky, shouting as wild andexpressing an ecstatic way of collective life…When Iraklis Mindphaser from Natural High family appearedeverybody was allready mad as crazy for hard, heavy psychedelic fullon sound and the crazy dancing continued…Just ten minutes before the sunrise d.j. Crystal Zero from Void Networkcontinued the rave experience with his magikal sound blend of new space psychedelic trance and electro acid Goa tunes…It was mind exploding! The people was kissing each other, unknown people was falling together in the ground and crowling likecrazy primitives, the girls and boys was smiling and a wonderfull daywas starting for everybody…D.j. Shotokan and d.j. Tigran finished the event and opened a prommiss for all of us…The next rave have to be as soon as possible!

We have to thank all artists, d.j.s. and cultural activists that participated in the creation of this Temprary Autonomous Public Zoneas also all people that gave their wonderfull energy to the dancefloorsand the chill out areas of the festival offering to each otherthis great experience…Electro Free Festival no.9 just one week after Legalize it Festival continued the neo-hippy tribalism and the effortsunderground cultural movement with the best effect on all of usThe summer is coming and all of us we are ready for it now!…

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ELECTRO FREE FESTIVAL no.9 / 2days for underground cultures / Fr.9&Sat.10 May 2008/POLYTEXNIOUPOLI/ATHENS GREECE

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VOIDNESS PUBLICATIONS presents TASOS SAGRIS multi media poetry show and presentation of his new book in Nosotros(Athens) / Saturday 24 May 2008

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