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VOID NETWORK in U.S.A. (Global Eye / London Void Network travelling in U.S.A. and preparing Total Freedom World Tour dates)

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Sound bites of USA

Passing trough from friend to friend, old and new

our silent thoughts…

The United Slaves of America

United Slaves of Advertisments

Living each one on their own

Private liberty cubes

Little bit happy
Not much positive

Is there such a thing 

as Liberty Dynasty?

Worse president ever 

…he may feel
blood drops 
over billboards

Fun fair over crosses

Family’s weekend walk through death

Sunbathing in the cemetery 

with cardboard movie stars

This is not America
Is this Iraq?

Razor wire flag

Free fee

Shopping navy widow

Yellow submarine, yellow shopping trolley

Debt nation

Fractal suburb
Jungled home
Jungled office
Jungled factory
Jungled city

Romantic future

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