Witness: Children of the Riots. (Words, Images & Moments from the streets of Athens)

January 30, 2012


As the financial crisis weighs heavily on Greece, 
the country seems trapped in a dead end. 
But discontent over the misuse of power has 
long been simmering. 
Greek youths reflect on how the killing 
of a teenager by police and the global spreading 
of economic, political and social crisis changed 
their lives for ever.
This is a short documentary about 
children of the streets, children from
the streets of Athens, 
same children like these children  in the streets
of Egypt, Tunisia, Barcelona, 
New York or Oakland…
Same dreams, same desires, same rage…

These are short fragments 
from the History of 21st century

Film directed by Christos Georgiou for AlZajeera
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