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Capitol Riot 6/1/21

Global movement

The Fools and the Wise- Jacques Ranciere

Jacques Ranciere reflects on the end of the Trump presidency and asks how this decline into unreason reconstructed what democracy means _____ Witnessing the assault on the Capitol, it may seem surprising to see Trump’s supporters relentlessly denying the facts to the point of sinking into fanatical violence. Some see them as gullible spirits deceived by fake news. But how can we still believe in this fable when we live… …

Global movement

Capitol Riot: The Grambling of Democratic Imagination

1. These events were not an aberration from democracy, because simply the USA were never democratic in the first place. They weren’t democratic when they had slaves, they certainly weren’t democratic when the segregation laws were in place, the separation of normal citizens and Others due to the Color of their skin and of course they remained un-democratic when the Jim Crow laws withdrew and the ugly systemic racism was… …

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