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Feeding Dual Power: Food Sovereignty, Anti-Fascism and other Pandemic Struggles

VOID NETWORK (Athens-Greece) written by Gene Ray and George Sotiropoulos “Seek ye first for food and clothing, then the kingdom of God will fall to you also” G.W.F. Hegel, letter to Knebel, 30 August 1807 We watch in horror, as the global explosion of the Sars-CoV-2 virus continues. The spreading medical emergency starkly reveals the real wages of neoliberalism and its extractive austerities. Gutted national healthcare systems that put profit… …

Limits of Terror: On Culture Industry, Enforcement and Revolution by Gene Ray

                                    Excerpt: These reflections suggest that a break with the master logic of accumulation entails disarming the technocratic national security-surveillance state, and above all the US war machine that is the main enforcer of the global imperialist process. To put it more pointedly: without disarmament, the prospect of emancipating system change is nill.… …

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