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Georgia Sagri


Death will not become another spectacle – Georgia Sagri

Pandemic bla bla It is already some weeks of quarantine. When the isolation hits you, it’s painful. I want to feel that all those restrictions are in their beginning, I am trying to become a physical endurance expert but I epically fail. Day after day, I realise that no one is around to care and I’m trying to figure the limit of this state, to imagine how it will be… …

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Georgia Sagri – One [ Opening and Performance, 11 December, 8-10pm]

I was not offended when you looked at me and I realized that there was no one in my place to look at you back. I comprehend. Seriously, I have strange feelings about the different wars that are going on in the universe and I am ready to take some action, some serious action. No jokes. This is not some kind of whatever mechanism that you find in a shopping mall or you fish… …

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