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The Melting Arctic Is a Real-Time Horror Story — Why Doesn’t Anyone Care?

This summer’s epic wildfires and other extreme weather events have a root cause By JEFF GOODELL Last week, scientists learned that 40-foot piles of compacted sea ice — some of the oldest and most durable clusters in the Arctic — are breaking away from the coast of Greenland and drifting out to sea. One meteorologist called it “scary,” but it was hardly unexpected. As the earth’s climate heats up, the idea of a “blue Arctic”… …

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UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE Psychedelic Trance Experience FR. 22/1/2016 NOMIKH Athens Law School benefit event for the collective kitchen of Free Social Space Nosotros

UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE  PSYCHEDELIC TRANCE EXPERIENCE FRIDAY 22 JAN. 2016 | starts 23.00 | NOMIKH Σχολή Αθηνών – Ακαδημίας 45 Athens Law School – Akademias str. 45 23.00-01.00 WAR (Void Network) 01.00-02.30 JUNIOR X (Void Network) 02.30-03.30 CRYSTAL ZERO (Void Network) 03.30-05.00 IRAKLIS MINDPHASER (Natural High) 05.00-06.00 UNDERVERSE (Natural High) 06.00-07.00 ROLLING DICE (Natural High) To σύνολο των εσόδων θα διατεθεί για την οικονομική στήριξη της συλλογικής κουζίνας ΕΑΤ ΤΗΕ RICH!,… …

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