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How It Might Should Be Done – Idris Robinson

The following is a transcript of a talk delivered in Seattle on July 20, 2020, lightly-edited by the author for readability. A video recording produced by Red May is online here. This text was first published by Ill Will Editions. For a Greek translation see at Dialytiko magazine I want to begin with a shout-out to what happened here last night, and to the working class of the city of… …


The Future of Insurrection – by Lupus Dragonowl

Section 1: The composition of insurrection What is insurrection? ‘The goal of any insurrection is to become irreversible. It becomes irreversible when you’ve defeated both authority and the need for authority’ (CI) ‘The catastrophe is not coming, it is here. We are already situated within the collapse of a civilization. It is within this reality that we must choose sides. To no longer wait is… to enter into the logic… …


When insurrections die – Gilles Dauvé

            Gilles Dauvé’s pamphlet on the on the failures of the Russian, Spanish and German Revolutions, and the rise of fascism in Europe it becomes more and more important in our times where he fascists movements reappear all over Europe and the masses seems unable to overcome the smae old mistakes of the past.Brest-Litovsk, 1917 and 1939“If the Russian Revolution becomes the signal for a… …


“Discussion paper for a new Breakout into the Frosts of Freedom” by Reformgroup

        breakout print – PDF breakout read – PDF   This text was written as a discussion text for the Autonomous Congress in Hamburg in October 2009, the first in 15 years. ..[]  The time to always assure ourselves of our own certainties has to come to an end   To some our words might sound harsh. This happens easily if it´s the people you love that are… …

Global movement

Video Channel from insurrected Turkey. Spread the News / Never Trust Mass Media!

This is a youtube channel with videos from revolted Turkey Download them, share them, see them before the censorship delete them from internet! The social uprising in Turkey continues and our friends and comrades in Turkey need the help from all of us. Share the authentic news from underground media sources, express your solidarity with all possible ways, help the message of revolted Turkish people to travel as further as… …

Global movement

“Exhaustion and Senile Utopia of the Coming European Insurrection” by Franco Berardi Bifo

Figures such as Jürgen Habermas and Jacques Derrida, among many others, have stressed in the past that we need to create institutions for unified political decisions at the level of the European Union. In the aftermath of the Greek debt crisis, it seems that the Europhile intellectuals have gotten what they asked for. The EU entity has been subjected to a sort of political directorate that has unfortunately only served… …

Global movement

The Libyan People’s Committees should be the foundation of a new life, not just an interim measure

The struggle of the Libyan people, as part of the wave of popular rebellions spreading like fire in all of the Arab world, is taking a really dramatic turn, with the people advancing their struggle against a regime bent on staying in power by whatever means necessary. Gadaffi, in spite of his past as a thorn in the side of the US, had became a key ally in their War… …

Void Network News

Δημόσια Κατάθεση μιας Αυτόπτου Μάρτυρος της Δολοφονίας του Αλέξη Γρηγορόπουλου // Testimony of Eyewitness of the Assassination of Alexis Grigoropoulos

Δημόσια Κατάθεση μιας Αυτόπτου Μάρτυρος της Δολοφονίας του Αλέξη Γρηγορόπουλου. Η κοπέλα που μιλά σε αυτή την δημοσίευση έγινε γνωστή σε όλο τον κόσμο μέσα απο το βίντεο της δολοφονίας το οποίο κινηματογράφησε από το μπαλκόνι του σπιτιού της που βρήσκεται ακριβώς πάνω από το σημείο της δολοφονίας και πρόκηται να είναι μια από της βασικές μάρτυρες κατηγορίας του δολοφόνου αστυνομικού Επ.Κορκoνέα. Η μαρτυρία είναι ένα απόσπασμα από το βιβλίο… …

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