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Mutual Aid

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Pandemic Dystopias: Biopolitical Emergency and Social Resistance

VOID NETWORK (Athens Greece) – written by George Sotiropoulos & Gene Ray – 4 / 4 / 2020 ____________________ “I didn’t think the Apocalypse would have this much admin” – A teacher from Hastings Setting aside the more technical and delicate issues of agency and intentionality, a virus, like the by now notorious Coronavirus (aka SARS-CoV-2), has a certain mode of being, with its peculiar rhythms and refrains. To a… …

Events/Global movement

A message from Athens #Covid-19

Coronavirus and Mutual Aid- Nowadays we are living in a common History – Void Network / Athens We are facing a pernicious virus that terrifies the world. To comfort our anxiety, we say to ourselves, that if we take precautions, we will survive. In the meantime, we try to reduce the hours we watch television. In fact, watching the news has become an essential activity to get through the day.… …

Global movement

“Mutual Aid : A Factor of Evolution” by Peter Kropotkin

Peter Kropotkin’s book on mutual aid and co-operation as a factor in evolution. Written in 1902. Text taken from the Anarchy Archives Introduction 1. Mutual aid among animals 2. Mutual aid among animals (cont.) 3. Mutual aid among savages 4. Mutual aid among the barbarians 5. Mutual aid in the Mediaeval city 6. Mutual aid in the Mediaeval city (cont.) 7. Mutual aid amongst ourselves 8. Mutual aid amongst ourselves Conclusion… …

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