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Global movement

Nazi Govern USA: 10,000 migrant children at 100 concentration camps in 14 states

We try to follow the news but its not easy. Nazi govern USA and the federal government using police and the army for building concentration camps all over AmeriKKKa. For one more time in history as in in previous decades in Africa, in Australia (with the Aboriginals) and in Europe (with Roma, communists, anarchists, disabled people and Jews)  the USA government take the kids of the people in custody, steal… …


“Gated Communities for Rich and Poor” by Zaire Zenit Dinzey-Flores

  Sociologist Zaire Zenit Dinzey-Flores discusses how the concentration of class and racial privilege in gated communities takes place alongside the spatial concentration and confinement of the poor. She argues that gates help sort and segregate people, physically and symbolically distinguish communities, and cement inequality. “You drive to the gate. The community is in the shape of a U. You come in one gate and leave through the other. When… …

Global movement

No Borders Groups Call to Action for Copenhagen Climate Change

This is a call out to action to international no borders groups during theCOP 15 in Copenhagen! Starting December 7, 2009 Climate change is now the ULTIMATE Shock and Awe. It encompasses all oflife now, and is the new spectacle. The climate change spectacle is thecomplete reconstruction andrevitalization of capitalism and all of itsdomination, hierarchies, exploitation,racism, sexism, patriarchy,heteronormativity, commodifications,privatizations, oppressions,repressions, murders, lies, and greed.Climate change will be used toterrorize us… …

Global movement

Maintaining the Borders: Identity & Politics by Jamie Heckert

Maintaining the Borders: identity & politics Jamie Heckert 30 October 2002 Identity is the process of creating and maintaining borders, creating different kinds of people. This keeps the world packaged in tidy little boxes. These boxes, in turn, are necessary for the violence and domination of hierarchical societies. There cannot be masters or slaves, bosses or workers, men or women, whites or blacks, leaders or followers, heterosexuals or queers, without… …

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