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War on Drugs

Global movement

Non-news about drugs – Alfredo M. Bonanno

There are at least two ways to make music. The negative one and the positive one. We can screech as long as we like on the strings of a violin and still not succeed in making what comes out music. But a whole portfolio of scores of the great composers still does not make a musician. It follows that one should not pay attention to how things are said as… …

Local movement

ChemSex: Αναζητώντας τη «χημεία» στον έρωτα

κείμενο-έρευνα: Πέτρος Αλεξανδρής Βρίσκομαι στην πόρτα του Νίκου, ενός gay άνδρα γύρω στα 45. Μπαίνω στο διαμέρισμά του, σε μία μεσοαστική πολυκατοικία κοντά στο κέντρο. Η μύτη μου δέχεται βίαιη «επίθεση» από τη βαριά μυρωδιά της «μεφ» (mephedrone), ένα χημικό ναρκωτικό που συνδυάζεται από τους Έλληνες gay με το σεξ εδώ και περίπου 7 χρόνια, από την εμφάνιση, δηλαδή, της οικονομικής κρίσης. Ο Νίκος με καλωσορίζει στο σπίτι του και αποφασίζω… …

Global movement

“Cocaine Culture: A global apartheid of decadence and death” by Blake Sifton

“Cocaine Culture:  A global apartheid of  decadence and death”  by Blake Sifton     CΨΨCapitalism has always required disposable populations in order to function. In our system of global apartheid other people must toil in fields and sweatshops, die in resource wars and watch as their countries are poisoned in order for us to enjoy comfortable, privileged lives. As this reality becomes clearer I am alarmed by the hypocrisy of many… …

Global movement

Say No to War On Drugs! Global Legalization of All Drugs / 3 articles from mainstream press

Void Mirror accomodates 3 articles from the mainstream press proving that the time for the Global Legalization of All Drugs has come. Of course many of the opinions expressed here are not included in the ideas of Void Network but we think it can be usefull for the reader to observe the way that the mainstream starts slowly slowly to come closer to ideas that are common sense and well… …

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