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December 2006

Events/Void Network News

VOID HISTORY> 11/8/1996 Article in greek newspaper about Void Network

Intro: This article was written by the journalist Lena Papadimitriou and appeared in one of the highest publicity Sunday Greek newspapers “To Vima” on 11 August 1996 / issue number 12389. In this article the Void Network is referred as “The Collective in the Terror of Void” which was the original name of Void Network until 1998. BEAT, VOID AND FLOWERS , This is a proof that also the decade… …

Events/Poetry/Void Network News

“The Prison” : a poem by Tasos Sagris

“The Prison” We stay in the same prison… I said to you : “Go away!” …but you didn’t listen to me…  Now we live in the same prison… You live in your cell, I live in mine… We can not get out from our cells… You have a lover in your cell and you enjoy your life… I have a desert in my cell and I travel inside this desert…… …

Events/Void Network News

Kostas Axelos: A Night at the Horizons of the World / Void Reading Group Night

Void Network proudly presents a multi media philospophical retrospective for Kostas Axelos, the thinker of the Vast Open Horizon, the enigmatic thinker of the Planetary Age.Void Network people will read fragments from his books : “Open Systematic”(Systematique Ouverte), “This Questioning”(Ce Questionnement), “Heraclites and Philosophy” (Héraclite et la philosophie) and “Towards the Planetary Thought” (Vers la pensee planetaire) Void Optical Arts Laboratory will take care of the multi media environment and… …

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