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January 2007

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Cosmic Outopia in Nosotros Free Social Space

Void Network proudly presentsCosmic Outopiaa multi media space music enviromentd.j.Crystal Zero, Sissy Stardust, Bushman Tribe and d.j.Frank from Ghanawill mix electro space dub, roots reggae and psychedelic ambient+ Void Optical Art Laboratory ( video art, digital arts, slide show)1 February 2007Nosotros Free Social SpaceThemistokleous 66/ Exarchia/Athens Greecestarts 10.00 finish 2.30 events and projects announcements: homepage: contact: **Cosmic Outopia are special psychedelic music nights organized and directed by… …

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Why we canceled the ambientrancedelica event in 20th January 2007

Dear Friendsthe stupidity of television this last days is making as realy angry for all those things that they say about the university asylum, the private universities and our parties in the university campus (and everywhere else)…One of all the stupid things that they said is also that our party will not happen cause we don’t have “permission” from the president of the Polutechnic School.Void Network established in 1990 as… …

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Why are we making Temporary Autonomous Ecstatic Zones, Outopian Atmospheres and Rave Parties?

This is an essay wtitten by Void Network People about the reasons that we organize rave parties, outopian atmospheres and Temporary Autonomous Zones as also a critic for all those people that they carry the “normal” life mask-faces and typical modern life social roles into all those situtations causing troubles to the arising of libertarian atmosphere.(Unfortunately it is in Greek language but we hope it will be translated very soon)… …

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AMBIENTRANCEDELICA ephemeral autonomous ecstatic zone

Keno Diktuo Void Network (Theory, Outopia, Empathy, Ephemral Arts) proudly presents AMBIENTRANCEDELICA ephemeral autonomous ecstatic zone stage 1 : electro acid psychedelic trance stage 2 : roots reggae, space dub, psychedelic ambient + Void Optical Art Laboratory (video art, digital arts, slides photography) 2 STAGES / 12 hours event FULL SOUND AND VISUALS IN ONE BULILDING SATURDAY 20 JENUARY 2007 POLUTEXNIOUPOLI (Polytechnic University Campus) KTIRIO XHMIKON MHXANIKON (Building of… …

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Yves Le Manach : The Garden (the justice, the girls and the eternity) / Void Reading Group Night

Void Network proudly presents a multi media retrospective for Yves Le Manach this wonderfull situationist, this spiritual friend of us, this influential critic of delusions. Born in Paris 1942 / political activist in Paris in the sixties / member of the Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire / collaborator of the Informations Correspondance Ouvrières / moved to Brussels in 1970 / published on the Internationale Situationniste / editor of Artichauts de Bruxelles from… …

Demonstrations in Greece

demonstrationsfrom 10 JENUARY 2007against the existance of private universities in greece until 06 JUNE 2007against G8/Germany this is a poster made by Laboratory for Kosmo-Politikal Consciousness of Void Network in the first day of the student demonstrations against the change of the Greek Constitution that will allow the existance of private universities in Greece. Unfortunately, for now, the poster is in Greek language : αυτό είναι το κείμενο της… …

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