VOID HISTORY:TOTAL FREEDOM GLOBAL FESTIVAL/29Feb.-1-2 March 2008/Rote Flora/Hamburg Germany

Void Network presents
Total Freedom Global Festival
Rote Flora / Hamburg / Germany

Void Art visuals by Sissy Stardust(Void Optical Arts Lab.)

D.J. Crystal Zero and d.j.Sungeet lost in the Outer Space

Total Freedom Global Festival (d.j Dura on stage)

DJ Dura + Void Optical Art Laboratory

Jensee from Star Sound Orchestra drumming session

Mat Mushroom in Space!

Funxion Collective + Global Eye show

The 3 days
for the underground cultures
that took place
in the squatted cultural and political social center Rote Flora in Hamburg / Germany during 29 Feb/ 1 Mar./ 2 Mar. 2008 maybe it was one of the best things Void Network did the last year. Not only cause more than 2000 people came to this 3 days celebration of all underground cultures in Rote Flora but mostly cause it was a great opportunity for us to work with the people of Rote Flora as also with the other collectives that participated to the festival (Global Eye, ArtCore, Celtic Heritage, CrimeThink, Vat_Om Lab, Funxion collective).
It seems that this will be the way that Void Network will follow in the future : bringing together cultural activists, political and artistic groups, the finest underground lecturers, visual artists, d.j.s and musicians and manifesting with all of them cross-platform collaborations in the form of many days Temporary Autonomous Ecstatic Public Zones.
It seems that our need for co-creativity starts to expand to a big number of people and groups that want to share the show room, the many different stages as also to have active collaborative contact with us…

Slowly slowly in all Europe appearing a new wave of deep, real friendship between our collectives, groups, creative people, companies of friends, social centers e.t.c. that want to travel together, to make plans, that they have common visions…common understandings…and common practices.
It appears a personal face to face and heart to heart trust and the strong need to live, work and fight together for social liberation, cultural revolution, transformation of the mentality, expanding of one into the other, stronger solidarity and open sharing of sources, materials, ideas, visions, plans and solutions. We want to create together the conditions of social life that will give to us and to everybody the opportunity to escape from the blackmail of employment as also to create educational and artistic spaces that will give to us and to everybody the opportunity to escape from the blackmail of the culture-factory (clubs, bars, concert halls, galleries, restaurants, internet cafes, cinemas e.t.c.). We will take our life back from capitalistic market step by step, activity to activity, need to need, wish to wish…This was the understandings of the Open Public Dialogue : “Talking About Total Freedom” that took place in the afternoon of the festival’s second day between all the activists and the organizing collectives of the festival.
As about the festival itself , it expanded in 3 different stages that tried to include all different styles of contemporary sound so as to break the barriers between the different music styles and the variety of urban street-fashions to blend all people in a massive wave of all-inclusive ecstatic celebration of the underground resistance. And the people took this message and make it a celebrating explosion. It was really great!
This is the conclusion of Total Freedom Global Festival of Hamburg and this is the plan of the future : all-inclusive open conditions of ecstatic co-existence. See you on the barricades of our everyday life co-existence! (We have to thank all cultural activists of Rote Flora, DubCafe and ArtCore for the great help and the inspirational deco., all groups, international and local artists that made the squatted building pumping from the basement to the sky, all visual artists that offered to us visions and thoughts, all people they helped in the entrance, the kitchen, the constructions, the technical equipments, the bar, the cleaning…all this wonderful people. But also… We have to thank mostly…all this 2000 (or maybe more?) wonderful people from Hamburg that gave their spirit and energy to the festival, all the ravers, the crazy neo-hippies, the anarchist antifas, the drunk punks, the electro robots and the hardcore techno-freaks, the psychedelic trancers, the drum ‘n bass manicdancers, the beautifull and the ugly girls and boys, the peculiar dubstep schizophrenics and the chillout area lovers, the enthusiastic paranoids and the melancholic romantics… all this beautiful people of Hamburg that made all this experience happen…Thank You!)

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