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We travelled from Mexico city to Chiapas…The Mexico city is full of young anarchists, punks, freaks, Emos, Goths that they wait with passion the Global explosion…After the 6th Declaration of Zapatistas that focus on the enforcement of connection of Zapatistas with the individual participating people, the non-hierarchical social elements, the non-organizations and the affinity groups the anarchists of Mexico are taking part in the struggle of Zapatistas and the “Other Campain” and expressing openly their parallel way and the complementarity of their fight with Zapatista…We have been to huge autonomous spaces, we heard about many independent radio stations, we saw 2 huge self organized concert halls-social centres functioning by U.T.A. (Union of Self-Organized Workers) that by surprise are total punk rock goth freaks, boys, girls, guys and queers that they work together in assembly producing anarchist and libertarian propaganda, culture and life-style…We heard about squats for house or for concerts, we saw many inssuracted students giving thousands of underground newspapers against privatisation of universities in front of “Government Palace” in the Zocalo Squire in the Square of Constitution, in the ruins of the ancient Mayan civilization, the Square that took place the fights of the revolutions for the last hundreds of years, the demonstrations of the revolt of Zapata, the caravans and the historical demonstrations of Zapatista…We heard the sound of Electro Techno, Gothic, E.B.M. and Dark Wave to roar in the night of Mexican state…

We travelled from Mexico city to San Christoball…Full of curiosity and hopes…Chiapas is poor…Very poor…The Revolution makes roots in the hearts of the people….Zapatistas accommodated us in the most poor area of San Christoball in the most wonderful institution of the city, in the Zapatista Autonomous “university” where indigenous boys and girls come to stay and learn so many things from fixing automobiles, wood craftsman, making shoes and clothes in the co-operatives to philosophy and theology all planed by the people for the people in accordance to a study programme and an educational planning organized directly by the assemblies of zapatistas…They offered us delicious food alter 17 hours of travelling (beans and corn tortillas and salad, pasta and strong Black coffee). The taste of the food was sweet, cause it was cooked and served with a big smile by young boys and girls revolted commrades….In the night an International assembly of more than 400 people took place…There are 380 people from all around the World staying now in Chiapas in solidarity to Zapatistas….People from Greece, from Italy, from France and Swicherland, Belgium, Spain, Basque country and Germany, people from Canada, Argentina and U.S.A…And then suddenly in shouts and clappings came in the assembly hall 4 political prisoners that had released 5 days ago…Three innocent young boys and one innocent woman, middle age, she stayed 8 years in the prison accused for a kidnapping that never proved.The woman spoke in tears about the Mexican police and the “Judgement” system, she spoke in tears as all the people was shouting “Freedom to this ones that they are in Jail cause they struggle” and “Brake down the prison walls”…She was crying and speaking for her life…The government is making trials only for Rich people that they pay and go out in 2 months, the prisons are full of poor and indigenous people…I was very proud to be a political prisoner she said and I was never did any kidnapping…I was in prison cause I am a woman, an indigenous and a revolutionaria….The boys was not speaking, they were looking with their shy eyes, they were looping and smiling…Free…Next day we were wondering around the cooperatives and laboratories and then we left for the indigenous Zapatistas communities on the mountains of Chiapas…

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