TOTAL FREEDOM WORLD TOUR IN LONDON / Magical Space Happy Fluffy Night in London

December 2, 2008

The activated cells of Void Network from many different cities of this planet are meeting in London…We use a wonderful huge building in the center of London and we try to bring our creative revolutionary action into the center of the darkness of this world…We try to establish a powerful and experienced collective of comrades here in London that will enforce the activities of Global Eye (London Void Network) and will take care of the Lucid Lava project
(opening of Culture Social Centers , art work, gatherings, exhibitions, underground creative networking e.t.c.)
The London scene is full of drugs and egoism, people is really difficult to survive here in the middle of the capitalistic desert, a place that without money you can not even move out of your house…so its natural to them to express apathy, cynicism, egoism and lack of interest for the common problems…
In the other hand, the festival we did in 29 November 2008 gathered 700 people in the center of London, we gave all our efforts with all Global Eye people,
Crimethink people, and the Lucid Lava crew and all friends that helped to the event to offer a sweet, nice, and gentle psychedelic feeling to our event and it really worked…The people was shouting, dancing and enjoying themselves until 10 o clock in the morning, we met some great people from the Dubstep, Dub and Psychedelic scene and we prepare collaborations directed on our effort to bring all different underground cultures together…During the night some world famous artists came and paint a psychedelic art piece in our dance hall, Kinomatik from the Athens underground scene had one of his best nights vibrating all stage with his Void Art visual abstractions together with a crew of psychedelic visual arts from Italy that took care of the other walls of a 1200 square metres dance hall that was full of happy boys and girls….some great djs played included D.J. Crystal Zero from Void Network that he had some remarkable feedback from the people for his 2 hours set in a huge London space out shouting crowd…We continue preparing the events of this weekend so keep in contact…

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