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March 2009

Global movement

Landless People’s Movement in South Africa Calls for Solidarity

As a single mother of five and a prominent activist who has come under threat by the police, government and now even the middle-class in her own community, Maureen Msisi asks for solidarity and advice to give her more courage to push forward the struggle of the poor. This is not the first time that Maureen’s life and family has been in danger because of her campaigns for the interests… …

SELF-ORGANIZED-OCCUPIEDNew Created Park in Exarchia area -Athens

….for the last weeks Void Network participates with all its powers in one of the most visionary manifestations of self-organization of the social movement that appeared through the insurrection of December in Greece…Under the idea “Lets Take our Life Back in Our Hands” the Open Assembly of the Exarchia Inhabitants together with many anarchist, left, romantic and utopian groups and people squated an area of Exarchia just 50 metres from… …


Understanding the Crisis – Markets, the State and Hypocrisy by Noam Chomsky and Sameer Dossani

February 10, 2009 — Noam Chomsky is a noted linguist, author, and foreign policy expert. Sameer Dossani interviewed him about the global economic crisis and its roots. SAMEER DOSSANI: In any first year economics class, we are taught that markets have their ups and downs, so the current recession is perhaps nothing out of the ordinary. But this particular downturn is interesting for two reasons: First, market deregulation in the… …

Uncategorized / a magical world for sharing and re-distribution of radical visions

Welcome to you will find hundreds ofradical zinesin pdf format ready for youto print, read and share.This is an amazing digital spacefor radical thinking,a wonderfull space of creativityand a great open-sourceprocess of reading,sharing andre-distribute zines, pamphlets,books, magazines,posters and alive visionsPlease navigate in: …

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