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February 2016

Void Network News

Άμεση Απάντηση στην καταστολή του Εμπρός! // Direct Reply to state attack against occupied theatre Embros in Athens

 More than 2500 people supported the great benefit concert of Void Network in Occupied Theater Embros in Athens, for the solidarity to the refugees movement infrastructures in Exarchia and Lesbos island iν 13/2/2016. Two days after the Greek state attacked to Embros cutting electricity. The assemblies of people are in daily base in defense to the occupation and we invite you all to support occupied theater Embros in all possible… …

Void Network News

KENO ΔΙΚΤΥΟ: Περί Ασφαλιστικού και αγώνων // VOID NETWORK analysis: About the new Social Insurance law and the struggles of our times in Greece

        Περισσότεροι απο 50.000 άνθρωποι στην Αθήνα και πολλές χιλιάδες σε όλες τις άλλες πόλεις της χώρας διαδήλωσαν ενάντια στον νέο ασφαλιστικό νόμο στις 4/2/2016. Με αφορμή αυτή την ημέρα δράσεων το Κενό Δίκτυο καταθέτει μια ευρύτερη ανάλυση για τους κοινωνικούς αγώνες της εποχής μας. More than 50.000 people in Athens and many thousands in all other cities of Greece demondtrated in 4/2/2016 against the new Social… …

Void Network News

REFUGEES WELCOME! DUB UNITY Reggae Dub | Hip Hop | Drum n Bass SAT. 13/2/2016 OCCUPIED THEATRE EMBROS athens

Occupied Accomodation Area for Refugees and Immigrants (Notara 26-Exarchia) People’s Solidarity Initiatives  REFUGEES WELCOME!No One is IllegalDUB UNITYReggae Dub | Hip Hop | Drum n BassSAT. 13/2/2016 Eλεύθερο Αυτοδιαχειριζόμενο Θέατρο ΕΜΠΡΟΣOCCUPIED THEATRE EMBROS(R.Palamidi 2 / Psiris area / athens)starts at 23.00dj booker (hip hop) golden child (hip hop)natural reaction ft junior x (dub roots)dub riots ft . bluez < live >  (dub roots -steppers)insp – i – ration soundsystem (dub)basik 1 (drum n… …

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