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Moroccan Journalist’s Prison Sentence Increased on Appeal to 15 Years – by George Katsiaficas

At midnight on October 25, 2019, Tawfik Bouachrine, the editor-in-chief of newspaper Akhbar Al Yaoum (Today’s News), was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. A Casablanca appeals court sentenced him to three years longer than the term imposed by a lower court. Bouachrine was denied key evidence, his cell phone, which had been confiscated and would have cleared him from the charges. The appeals court announced its decision to increase his prison… …

Global movement

Reclaiming the narrative of the Algerian revolt- by Brahim Roubah

The outcome of the Algerian revolution should not be pre-determined by a (neo)liberal Euro-American global order. Listen to the people. The popular revolt in Algeria is nothing short of a forceful (re)statement of what it means to be human. An active alteration of a people’s state of being. Algerians who, for decades, were reduced to traumatized bystanders, have once again, shaken the dust off and grabbed the reins of history. … …

Global movement

The West is Manufacturing Muslim Monsters. Who Should be Blamed for Muslim Terrorism? by ANDRE VLTCHEK

photos from Afghanistan in 70s, before CIA promoting Islam fundamentalists   A hundred years ago, it would have been unimaginable to have a pair of Muslim men enter a cafe or a public transportation vehicle, and then blow themselves up, killing dozens. Or to massacre the staff of a satirical magazine in Paris! Things like that were simply not done. When you read the memoirs of Edward Said, or talk… …

Global movement

Spain’s Micro-Utopias: The 15M Movement and its Prototypes

Dear comrade, for sure there are a lot of projects In this article that Void Network  disagree with them or we could critisize them as naive, non antagonistic, alternative or passive. But we have to agree that there is a lot of inspiration, a lot of creative effort, a lot of fantasy and many many good intentions in all these projects that this article includes. It is the work of… …

Global movement

Tahrir-ICN anarchist group statement on events in Egypt / August 2013

The events of the past couple of days are the latest step in a sequence of events by which the military can consolidate its hold on power, aim towards the death of the revolution and a return to a military/police state. The authoritarian regime of the Muslim Brotherhood had to go. But what has replaced it is the true face of the military in Egypt – no less authoritarian, no… …

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