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Art of Listening


“DANCING IN THE STREETS A History of Collective Joy” Barbara Ehrenreich book review

        DANCING IN THE STREETS A History of Collective Joy. By Barbara Ehrenreich. 320 pp. Metropolitan Books/ Henry Holt & Company. $26. “Take me out with the crowd,” goes the old baseball song. “I love this crowd,” repeats the classic stand-up comic. Every lecturer knows: the larger the group, the more they become an event for themselves, heightening the attention, the laughs or the emotions. At our… …

Global movement

“On the Degradation of Language and the Art of Listening”, a short essay from blog “FROM POLITICS TO LIFE”

  When you call someone a name you stop listening to him. I do not write, publish, speak or discuss in order to propagate a fixed set of ideas for others to embrace; I’m not interested in disciples or followers. I do so to communicate and discuss my own fluid and evolving ideas, my desires, my dreams, my experiences and my projects as clearly as possible in order to discover… …

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