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Fragments of a Chile in Revolt- Rodrigo Karmy Bolton

Preface  Below are two excerpts from Rodrigo Karmy Bolton’s The Future is Inherited, a compilation of essays and reflections composed during the initial months of the 2019 Chilean uprising, which recently appeared in English.  In October 2019, Transantiago, the Metropolitan Transit system in Chile’s capital, raised the train fare by thirty pesos. In response, high school students planned what they called a Evasión Masiva, a week of coordinated protests across… …

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Chile: Another End of the World is Possible- Original reporting from the uprising

Text & photos by Emilio Brava – Pachakuti: the Aymara term for a global transition, from Pacha (“the Earth” or the Space/Time we inhabit) and Kuti (“Change”). On the 500th anniversary of colonization in 1992, Aymaran spiritual leaders prophesied a new Pachakuti. During which, a period of forty years (1992-2032) would be a time of upheaval as the old world ends and the earth cycles back to the beginning. October 19th, 2019: In Santiago de Chile,… …

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CULTURES OF RESISTANCE: Electro Acid Psychedelic Trance / Sat.21 May 2011 / STREFIS HILL EXARCHIA : A night of Solidarity for Mapuche

1200 Posters 38cm x 56 cm 135gr. velvet / 6500 flyers  KENO ΔΙΚΤΥΟ VOID NETWORK [Theory, Utopia, Empathy, Ephemeral Arts] Cultures of Resistance ELECTRO ACID PSYCHEDELIC TRANCE SATURDAY 21 MAY 2011 starts 22.00 LOFOS STREFI / STREFIS HILL EXARCHIA area ATHENS- GREECE Void Network collective invites you all to a  Free Festival open air Psy Trance Rave party  dedicated to the international solidarity to the Indigenous Tribe of Mapuche / Chile.  22.00-24.00… …

Void Network News

Stories and Reports from Bolivia, Chile and Mapuche Land

Some of our best friends travelled the last months in Latin America, making contacts, preparing networks, creating new friendships and trying to understand what is happening there, what the people dream of their lives, what the people wish for their societies. Day after day we try to make this world smaller, brnging our hearts closer, trying to express our solidarity to the furthest places is possible, trying to feel that… …

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