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Premonitions: Fragments of a Culture of Revolt- an interview with AK Thompson

AK Thompson’s newest book, Premonitions: Selected Essays on the Culture of Revolt, is focused on strategic and analytical insights about how our social movements work, and don’t, and what they yet may be. AK Press interviews Thompson here on some of the ideas that are central to the book. ________________ AK Press (AKP): Let’s start by having you explain the title of the book, Premonitions. You’ve chosen it in relation to the titles… …


50 years anniversary: The Anarchy of WOODSTOCK (+rare photos)

The Commune was the biggest festival of the nineteenth century. Underlying the events of that spring of 1871 one can see the insurgents’ feeling that they had become the masters of their own history, not so much on the level of “governmental” politics as on the level of their everyday life. (Consider, for example, the games everyone played with their weapons: they were in fact playing with power.) It is also in this sense… …

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NIGHTS of MYSTERIES- 2 days Celebration: Fr.21/12 Cinema day – Sat.22/12 PsyTrance Experience at EMBROS

ΚΕΝΟ ΔΙΚΤΥΟ / Void Network presents NIGHTS OF MYSTERIES  Fr. 21/12 & Sat. 22/12/2018 2 days psychedelic art festival Ελεύθερο Θέατρο ΕΜΠΡΟΣ Free Self-Organized Theater EMBROS Riga Palamidi 2 – Psiris   FRIDAY 21 DECEMBER 2018 Mind Expanding Cinema Night Starts at 20.00 5 Short Experimental Psychedelic Films 1. Chas Wyndham, Airborn, 1968; 3 min. The soundtrack is instrumental psychedelic rock. 2. Jerry Abrams, Eyetoon, 1968; 8 min. The soundtrack… …


Up Against the Wall Motherfucker!: A Memoir of Anarchism in the ’60s By Osha Neumann

They called themselves the Motherfuckers; others called them a “street gang with an analysis.” Osha Neumann’s thoughtful, funny, and honest account of his part in ’60s counterculture is also an unflinching look at what all that rebellion of the past means today. The fast moving story follows the establishment of the Motherfuckers, who influenced the Yippies and members of SDS; makes vivid the art, music, and politics of the era;… …

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