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Capitol Riot: The Grambling of Democratic Imagination

1. These events were not an aberration from democracy, because simply the USA were never democratic in the first place. They weren’t democratic when they had slaves, they certainly weren’t democratic when the segregation laws were in place, the separation of normal citizens and Others due to the Color of their skin and of course they remained un-democratic when the Jim Crow laws withdrew and the ugly systemic racism was… …

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Do Americans Get That Trump is Instituting Martial Law?

Trump Wants to Use Martial Law to Terrorize Americans — and Steal the Next Election by Umair Haque _______________________ Yesterday, the Mayor of Portland was gassed by the secret police of storm troopers that Donald Trump has sent to occupy the city. Wait. What? Let’s read that sentence again. Yesterday, the Mayor of Portland was gassed by the secret police of storm troopers that Donald Trump has sent to occupy the city. If I wrote that sentence… …

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How the FEDS failed to track thousands of separated children – by ISSIE LAPOWSKY

THEY KEPT THE kids in cages. And Excel spreadsheets. And more than 60 other government files and databases that made it nearly impossible to track the thousands of children who have been separated from their parents by the Trump administration while trying to enter the United States. This is according to a new report released Thursday by the Department of Health and Human Service’s Office of Inspector General, which finds that, since 2017, the Trump… …

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Inside Bannon’s Plan to Hijack Europe for the Far-Right

LONDON—Steve Bannon plans to go toe-to-toe with George Soros and spark a right-wing revolution in Europe. Trump’s former White House chief advisor told The Daily Beast that he is setting up a foundation in Europe called The Movement which he hopes will lead a right-wing populist revolt across the continent starting with the European Parliament elections next spring. The non-profit will be a central source of polling, advice on messaging, data targeting, and… …

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Thousands protest against Donald Trump in London – 13 July 2018 (video)

More than 40.000 people protest against the three-day visit of US President Donald Trump to the United Kingdom takes place in London on Friday, July 13. Protesters have called on the government to revoke the invitation for Donald Trump to visit the UK Demonstrators accused the US President of scapegoating Muslims with his 90-day travel ban. Marchers called on Theresa May to withdraw her controversial invitation of a state visit… …

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Nazi Govern USA: 10,000 migrant children at 100 concentration camps in 14 states

We try to follow the news but its not easy. Nazi govern USA and the federal government using police and the army for building concentration camps all over AmeriKKKa. For one more time in history as in in previous decades in Africa, in Australia (with the Aboriginals) and in Europe (with Roma, communists, anarchists, disabled people and Jews)  the USA government take the kids of the people in custody, steal… …

“Oh, my Trump! On the figures of the global civil conflict” by Void Network

Oh, my Trump! On the figures of the global civil conflict (Announcement in English / intro in Greek) While protests and riots may not be unheard-of phenomena in the history of presidential inaugurations in the US, there is something distinct in the mass anti-Trump protests and the violent clashes that accompanied them (no matter how small the latter may have been). Η εκλογή του Ντόναλντ Τραμπ δημιούργησε σε παγκόσμιο επίπεδο ένα φάσμα… …

Global movement

In Trump’s America, ‘Felony Riot’ Charges Against Inauguration Protesters Signal Dangerous Wave of Repression by Sarah Lazare

More than 200 people mass arrested in Washington, D.C. facing up to 10 years in prison. More than 200 people who were mass-arrested at the Washington, D.C. protests against the inauguration of Donald Trump have been hit with felony riot charges that are punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Those picked up in the sweep—including legal observers and journalists—had their phones, cameras and other personal belongings confiscated as… …


After the Election, the Reaction- Analysis about USA Presidential elections 2016 by American anarchists Crimethinc

The final Presidential debate of 2016 was a gala event in Las Vegas pitting a reality TV star against the latest representative of a political dynasty. It was set up as a symbolic clash between business and politics, with the roles cast so convincingly that it was really possible to imagine the two categories to be at odds. The antagonism of the candidates was still more believable because everyone shares… …

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