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DESTROY ESTABLISHED REALITY! Sissy Doutsiou / Void Network

    From the 2005 French riots in the suburbs of Paris and all over France until the Greek social revolt from 2008 to 2012, from the Tunisian and Libyan social explosions, the Tahrir square revolt, the indignados movement in Spain and Gezi Park in Turkey, from the panamerican Occupy movement to the riots of Ferguson and Baltimore none of these revolts led to a revolutionary change of organisation of… …

Global movement/Theory

Eros Effect: People Power and The People’s Uprisisngs / an introductive video and an essay by George Katsiaficas

Eros Effect: People Power and People’s Uprisings an introductive video by George Katsiaficas* From 1968 to the East Asian Uprisings of the 1980s and 1990s (Gwangju, South Korea in particular) a new type of popular uprising has appeared. Often dubbed “people power” these protests reveal how thousands of ordinary people, acting together in the streets, exhibit an intelligence far greater than elites which today rule over nation-states and international economic… …

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