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German Government Shuts Down Indymedia- What It Means and What to Do

The German government has shut down the German Indymedia site, the most widely used German-language platform for radical politics and organizing. They have also conducted raids in Freiburg to seize computers and harass those they accuse of maintaining the site, absurdly justifying this on the grounds that the alleged administrators constitute an illegal organization for the sake of destroying the German Constitution. This represents a massive escalation in state repression against what the authorities… …

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Total Freedom World Tour participation in the Resistance Art Festival

Many teknival sound system trucks arrived in the Rostock Anti G8 campsite in the middle of the night…We were expecting our friends for many days Collectives from France succeeded to arrive but the english groups faced the brutality of the German police as their convoy was victim of a police attack that destroyed a lot of their machines in the middle of the night and sent them back to U.K.… …

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