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Global Revolution


Enzo Traverso: Revolutions are still breathing life into history

Historian Enzo Traverso on his latest book, Revolution: An Intellectual History. The interview originally appeared in the Alias section of il manifesto, 9 July 2022 and was published in the Verso books blog, 01/08/2022, translated by David Broder. “Revolution — without icons and without capital letters — remains a necessity, as an indeterminate idea of change and as the compass for human will. Not as a model, not as a prefabricated schema, but as a strategic… …


Fragments of a Chile in Revolt- Rodrigo Karmy Bolton

Preface  Below are two excerpts from Rodrigo Karmy Bolton’s The Future is Inherited, a compilation of essays and reflections composed during the initial months of the 2019 Chilean uprising, which recently appeared in English.  In October 2019, Transantiago, the Metropolitan Transit system in Chile’s capital, raised the train fare by thirty pesos. In response, high school students planned what they called a Evasión Masiva, a week of coordinated protests across… …


The Great French Revolution and its Lesson – Pëtr Kropotkin

14 July 2021 – and the Great French Revolution still continues uncomplete. The aristocrats of the middle class took advantage of the revolts of the poor peasants and workers to kill the King and take control of the world- to create a system of exploitation and inequality that still destroys our lives and our societies. The revolution continues! Void Network _____ On the 5th of May last the celebration of… …

Global movement

“Eight Simple Steps towards Revolution” by Crimethinc

Over the winter, the social momentum that picked up with the occupation of Zuccotti Park has predictably cooled. We can be sure that conflict will intensify again soon, whether with the coming of spring or later; if overseas examples are any indication, we should anticipate new waves of unrest, each sweeping in new sectors of the population. In hopes of helping to prepare for the next phase, we present an… …

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