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Memories of a Metropolitan Indian- Italian Autonomia

A former Metropolitan Indian (member of a situationist-influenced group in Italy) recounts some experiences with the group during the “Years of Lead”: the violent late-1970s. It all began a long time ago but our story leaps the intervening periods and begins in fact in the spring of 1975. It had been a bloody spring. Fascists and police had killed militants belonging to the left. Practically overnight the situation was radicalised.… …

Global movement

An Italian neo-fascist shot 6 immigrants. So why won’t Italy’s political parties condemn xenophobia?

On Feb. 3, a 28-year-old far-right activist named Luca Traini went on a shooting rampage in Macerata, a small town in central Italy, wounding five men and one woman of African origin. When police apprehended him, Traini was wrapped in an Italian flag, performing the Roman salute and screaming “Viva l’Italia.” His move to “kill them all,” Traini claimed, came after hearing that a Nigerian drug dealer had been arrested as a suspect in… …

Global movement

Last remaining housing occupation in Bologna has been evicted // Η τελευταία εναπομείνασα κατάληψη στέγης στην Μπολόνια, εκκενώθηκε

The eviction of the last remaining housing occupation in Bologna – around 100 people, 34 of them children, living in a building in Via Mario De Maria, in the working-class neighborhood of Bolognina – started at dawn on October 11. The police and the carabinieri surrounded the block and raided the building, beating people and even using pepper spray, the residents say. The newly elected council member for the housing emergency, Virginia… …

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