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The Decline and Fall of the Spectacle-Commodity Economy

Watts 1965 . . . Minneapolis 2020 Here’s what the situationists said about riots, looting, and the condition of black people in America 55 years ago (commenting on the Watts riot of 1965). Many things have changed since then, but the fundamental things still apply as time goes by. . . TRANSLATED by Ken Knabb  ____________________________ August 13-16, 1965, the blacks of Los Angeles revolted. An incident between traffic police… …

Global movement

The Joy of Revolution by Ken Knabb

The Joy of Revolution by Knabb, Ken Publisher: Bureau of Public Secrets, Berkeley, USAYear Published: 2007 First Published: 1997 The Joy of Revolution is a part of a 400 pages book from American situationist Ken Knabb called Public Secrets. Public Secrets include the greatest hits, and a fine read for anyone interested in situationist ideas, anarchism, the 60s counterculture and beyond. Includes both two substantial new texts – ‘The… …

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