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Kostas Axelos, the great Philosopher of the Open Horizon is Dead!

Void Networkannounces the death of our great spiritual friend,Kostas Axelos. The thinker of the Vast Open Horizon,the enigmatic thinker of the Planetary Age diedin 5 February 2010 in the age of 85.He will be always with us on our explorations in outer space,in our great navigations of endless future, in our never endingtravelling inside the centuries, the moments, the galaxies of passionsand the microcosms of experience…Void Network thanks Kostas Axelos… …

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Kostas Axelos: A Night at the Horizons of the World / Void Reading Group Night

Void Network proudly presents a multi media philospophical retrospective for Kostas Axelos, the thinker of the Vast Open Horizon, the enigmatic thinker of the Planetary Age.Void Network people will read fragments from his books : “Open Systematic”(Systematique Ouverte), “This Questioning”(Ce Questionnement), “Heraclites and Philosophy” (Héraclite et la philosophie) and “Towards the Planetary Thought” (Vers la pensee planetaire) Void Optical Arts Laboratory will take care of the multi media environment and… …

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