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Enzo Traverso: Revolutions are still breathing life into history

Historian Enzo Traverso on his latest book, Revolution: An Intellectual History. The interview originally appeared in the Alias section of il manifesto, 9 July 2022 and was published in the Verso books blog, 01/08/2022, translated by David Broder. “Revolution — without icons and without capital letters — remains a necessity, as an indeterminate idea of change and as the compass for human will. Not as a model, not as a prefabricated schema, but as a strategic… …


Fragments of a Chile in Revolt- Rodrigo Karmy Bolton

Preface  Below are two excerpts from Rodrigo Karmy Bolton’s The Future is Inherited, a compilation of essays and reflections composed during the initial months of the 2019 Chilean uprising, which recently appeared in English.  In October 2019, Transantiago, the Metropolitan Transit system in Chile’s capital, raised the train fare by thirty pesos. In response, high school students planned what they called a Evasión Masiva, a week of coordinated protests across… …

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VOID NETWORK- Justice for George Floyd … and Justice for all

“Do not go gentle in that good night… Rage, rage against the dying of the light” Dylan Thomas ____________________________ One more death of a black person by the police. One more state murder. One more time the streets are filled with a raging demand for justice. One more time justice has a name -Justice for George Floyd… But the demand is also faceless, generic, universal in the most concrete of… …



Ιnterview conducted on September 12, 2019 by ACTA, on the occasion of the publication of Baschet’s new book on the Gilets Jaunes uprising, Une Juste colère. Interrompre la destruction du monde 1. I would like to begin by asking about the title of your book, or rather, its subtitle: “interrupting the destruction of the world.” Since the 19th century, and for quite some time, the tradition of the communist movement has thought… …


The Ideology of Victimization – by Feral Faun

In New Orleans, just outside the French Quarter, there’s a bit of stenciled graffiti on a fence that reads: “Men Rape.” I used to pass by this nearly every day. The first time I saw this, it pissed me off because I knew the graffitist would define me as a ‘man’ and I have never desired to rape anyone. Nor have any of my bepenised friends. But, as I encounter… …

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“An Anarchist Report from Egypt” : a letter from a friend

    Last night an anarchist from Lebanon gave a report on the situation in Egypt at our social center , and I wanted to pass this information on to English-speaking comrades. This is a series of notes extracted from the talk, highlighting questions anarchists who have read mainstream coverage are likely to have about the situation. The person who gave the talk has been involved in organizing solidarity with… …

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Participation of d.j.s from Void Network in underground Free Party in Athens

APOSINTONISMOS & CREATIVE SPACE PRESENTS FRIDAY THE 13TH NOVEMBER FREE PARTY TEI PEIRAIA(PETROY RALLH & THIVON)STARTS 22:00 DUBSTEPELECTROTECHNOBREAKS DJS :DYNAMONSKERNELCOREMODED-JAHSTADIRECT CONNECTIONMOBTHROWSISSY STARDUSTHIGHPNO Void Network announces the participationof d.j. Sissy Stardust (with her unique experimental dubstep sound)and d.j. Highpno(with his space out dub sound)from Void Networkin the free party organized by two very important underground groups of cultural activistsand experimental artists Aposyntonismosand Creative Space… We believe that all the collectives have… …

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