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Spain’s Micro-Utopias: The 15M Movement and its Prototypes

Dear comrade, for sure there are a lot of projects In this article that Void Network  disagree with them or we could critisize them as naive, non antagonistic, alternative or passive. But we have to agree that there is a lot of inspiration, a lot of creative effort, a lot of fantasy and many many good intentions in all these projects that this article includes. It is the work of… …


“Democracy kidnapped” in Spain

   Thousands marched yesterday in Spain near the parliament building, demanding the resignation of Mariano Rajoy’s government as well as the rewrite of constitution. The police have fired rubber bullets and baton-charged protesters. Spanish media reported that at least 32 people were detained and more than a dozen injured. The protesters dispersed after MPs left the building. A demonstrator, Montse Puigdavall spoke at BBC: I’m here because of all the social… …

Global movement

Indignados! Talking about 2011 Spanish Revolution

Online TV Shows by Ustream just a brief hello from the middle of an unexpected maelstrom. And at least 20,000 people in the Plaza Thursday night, tonight there will probably be even more and the police may or may not try to evict everyone. Been there since Wednesday evening, with brief stops back by the house to write texts, trips to the copy shop, to cook. The whole city… …

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