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TOTAL FREEDOM GLOBAL FESTIVAL in LONDON / fr.12-sat.13 December 2008

VOID NETWORK(Theory,Utopia,Empathy,Ephmeral Arts)international cultural movement against social apathy, ignorance, suffering and expolitation / Athens, London, New York, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Nepal DUE TO FAST EVICTION PROCESS BY THE POLICE AND PRIVATE PROPERTY OWNERS OF THE “LUCID LAVA 1” BUILDING WE HAD TO CANCELL THE TOTAL FREEDOM GLOBAL FESTIVAL IN LONDON instead of our festival,during SATURDAY 13 december nightWE PARTICIPATED IN THE GREAT TEKNIVALunderground MEETING“STRICTLY SCUM DANCING”OF 45 SOUND SYSTEMS IN… …

Void Network News

Global Eye-Void Laboratories events

Various events that Global Eye and Void Optical Arts Laboratory have presented at or staged.Events include sets by Fun-Da-Mental, McD and the Dohl Foundation. Events go back to tsunami benefits of 2005, Drop Beats not Bombs at the Custard Factory Birmingham, Bolognia’s amazing but now closed cultural centre Ca.Cu.Bo and Brazialian recycled fashion for London’s Conscious Fashion week. …

Events/Void Network News

Letter and Photos from Global Eye / London Void Network / Celtic Heritage+Global Eye+Void Optical Arts Lab event.

Global Eye on Void Optical Arts Show in London Hey Void Network People! hows it all going?….From the blog it sounds great!very inspired by all your efforts, the last few talks must of been eye opening. Is there anyone in athens with the simplest of dvdcameras, feel these talks need to be recorded and shown on the internet, they have the potention of being a cut above anything else i… …

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