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Global movement

Tunisians rise up against austerity!

By Fathi Chamkhi | Amandla! magazine Issue 57 | 6 July 2018 Seven years after the revolution of 2011, which toppled the dictator, Tunisia is going from bad to worse! All key economic and social indicators are at their lowest levels. The economy continues to idle, fueling the crisis in all sectors. Deficits and underperformance are beating all previous records. The index of industrial activity, the budget deficit, the government… …

Global movement

“Tunisia: Multitude in Revolt” from Moment of Insurrection

intro about the revolt in Tunisia by Workers Solidarity Movement: Friday 14 January 2011 — After a dramatic 24 hours when Tunisia’s dictator president Ben Ali first tried promising liberalisation and an end to police shootings of demonstrators and then, this evening at 16:00, declaring martial law, he has finally fallen from office. While the rumours are still swirling, one thing is clear, Ben Ali has left Tunisia and the… …

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