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The State, Nationalism and the War in Ukraine

VOID NETWORK ANNOUNCEMENT- In the case of Ukraine – as in any inter-state rivalry – we can only assess the facts after placing them in a broader historical context. From the historical process of colonialism, which has been at the forefront of the development of the modern world, and the two world wars, to the Cold War, and the many local wars around the world (Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Falklands, Iraq, Afghanistan,… …

Global movement

A Very Long Winter

War transforms everything – we are suddenly for or against armies, revolutionaries become soldiers, coalitions monopolize politics, patriotic fervor swells, and the party of order triumphs. When the Russian army invaded Ukraine last week, Putin claimed it was in the name of “denazification,” evoking the important role “anti-fascism” plays in the ideology of the Russian state. In the following text, published in Liaisons’ first book In the Name of the… …

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