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“Gated Communities for Rich and Poor” by Zaire Zenit Dinzey-Flores

  Sociologist Zaire Zenit Dinzey-Flores discusses how the concentration of class and racial privilege in gated communities takes place alongside the spatial concentration and confinement of the poor. She argues that gates help sort and segregate people, physically and symbolically distinguish communities, and cement inequality. “You drive to the gate. The community is in the shape of a U. You come in one gate and leave through the other. When… …

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Urban Camping: Subversive City Living from Times Square to the Car Tent

 Urban camping means different things to different people, from living without a vehicle or electricity and plumbing to squatting in unused properties and more. However, the most popular definition of urban camping provided by the urban dictionary is: “camping in an urban setting by sleeping on rooftops, under bushes, and in public parks.” Amid and Zach are two brave New Yorkers who picked the busiest and most high profile place… …

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