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Void Network presents Multi Media Poetry Action: “ESSAYS FOR CONSTRUCTORS OF A MINIMUM REALITY” by Yiannis Raouzeos + Electronica/Dubstep sound system: Friday 18 November 2011 / Nosotros Exarchia Athens

το KENO ΔΙΚΤΥΟ παρουσιάζει   ΠΕΡΙΒΑΛΛΟΝΤΑ ΛΕΞΕΩΝ: (multi media δρώμενο ποιήσης) ΠΑΡΑΣΚΕΥΗ 18 ΝΟΕΜΒΡΙΟΥ 2011 Ελεύθερος Κοινωνικός Χώρος ΝOSOTROS θεμιστοκλέους 66 Εξάρχεια /Αθήνα ώρα 21.30   O ποιητής Γιάννης Ραουζαίος  διαβάζει αποσπάσματα από το καινούργιο του βιβλίο  “ΔΟΚΙΜΙΑ ΓΙΑ ΚΑΤΑΣΚΕΥΑΣΤΕΣ ΜΙΑΣ ΜΙΝΙΜΟΥΜ ΠΡΑΓΜΑΤΙΚΟΤΗΤΑΣ”  (εκδ. Κενότητα)  Void Network visual and sonic Environment: Experimental Electronica //  Space Ambient // Dubstep Sound: d.j. Kinomatik / d.j. Sissy Stardust Multi media: Void Optical Art… …

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WE ARE AN IMAGE FROM THE FUTURE // U.S.A. TOUR 2010 Dates and events

WE ARE AN IMAGE FROM THE FUTURE U.S.A. TOUR 2010 for all info/details/arrangements of events: voidinternational@gmail.comyou can help us continue this tour withyour donation click here:Donations For the TourWe Are An Image From The Future[February 22] Chapel Hill Internationalist Bookshop Democracy and Insurrection in Greece & the World [February 23] Asheville Firestorm Café&Books Guns for Global Warming [February 24] Asheville Firestorm Café&Books Democracy & Insurrection in Greece & the world [February… …

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WE ARE AN IMAGE FROM THE FUTURE [ The Greek Revolt of December 2008] new book edited by A.G. Schwarz, Tasos Sagris and Void Network // AKPress pub.

What causes a city, then a whole country, to explode? How did one neighborhood’s outrage over the tragic death of one teenager transform itself into a generalized insurrection against State and capital, paralyzing an entire nation for a month? This is a book about the murder of fifteen-year-old Alexis Grigoropoulos, killed by the police in the Exarchia neighborhood of Athens on December 6th, 2008, and of the revolution in the… …

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