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Global publishing giant wins $15 million damages against researcher for sharing publicly-funded knowledge- by Glyn Moody

It’s not every day that one of the world’s largest publishing companies is awarded $15 million in damages for copyright infringement against a site set up by a Kazakh neuroscientist. That makes the almost total lack of wider coverage of Elsevier’s win in New York against Sci-Hub surprising. But it is only the latest development in a saga that is of great interest for the deep flaws it exposes in both scientific publishing and… …

Not a struggle for the refugees, but with the refugees: Anarchism at work in Greece.

Live from Athens, cultural activist Tasos Sagris from Void Network discusses with Chuck Mertz from the radio program THIS IS HELL (U.S.A.) the political and social work of anarchists in austerity-era Greece – to provide support and mutual aid to the victims of capitalism and war, to defend the people from fascist and state violence, and to build and occupy the framework for a new, horizontal society, against capital, and for each… …

Global movement

Dozens of anarchists arrested in Belarus after anti-government protests

Today in three major cities of Belarus – Minsk, Mogilev and Grodno – people took the streets protesting against government attempts to collect tax off the unemployed (details of the story HERE). In Minsk, demonstrations managed to gather more that 1 500 people, in Mogilev and Grodno 1 000 each. These are the biggest protests those cities have seen in decades. It is worth mentioning that most of the protesters… …

Void Network News

PIRATE CINEMA Festival FR.18 & SAT.19/11 EMBROS-Athens+150 FILMS free live streaming MON.14-SUN.20/11/2016

PIRATE CINEMA Festival FR.18 + SAT.19/11/2016 2 days of free film shows & talks Eλεύθερο Αυτοδιαχειριζόμενο Θέατρο ΕΜΠΡΟΣ Ρ.Παλαμήδου 2 Ψυρρής Free Self-Organised Theatre EMBROS (R.Palamidou 2-Psiris) H Βερολινέζικη ομάδα Pirate Cinema με την στήριξη 4 αθηναϊκών ομάδων παρουσιάζει ένα 5ημερο πρόγραμμα 150 ταινιών που προβάλλονται δωρεάν στην ιστοσελίδα και μας καλεί στο ΕΜΠΡΟΣ να παρακολουθήσουμε δωρεάν ταινίες την ΠΑΡ.18/11 (23.00-06.00) + ΣΑΒΒ. 19/11 (15.00-21.00) Eπίσης, το Σάββ.19/11… …

Global movement

#BREXIT: What the UK Anarchists think about it?

  # BREXIT 10 point guide for post Brexit resistance as racist right wins EU referendum // text by Workers Solidarity Movement UK 1. The Brexit vote for the UK to leave the European Union demonstrates that even weak parliamentary democracy is incompatible with escalating neoliberal inequality.  In the UK as elsewhere a tiny segment of the population have taken a larger and larger share of total wealth in the… …


Russian Art Anarchists explain themselves from prison / Banksy’s new favourite group Voina (WAR)

Last week Banksy declared that all profits from his current print sale would be gifted to Russian art anarchist group Voina. Known for drawing an enormous cock on a bridge opposite the ex-KGB offices, and instigating asex party in a museum (see above). We spoke to the group (half of which were replying from prison). Voina (or “War” to give them their English name) are a radical art group concerned with challenging the Russian establishment on important… …


“War is here, if you want it. (On the 1st anniversary of Occupy)” by Eskl8trs

WAR, IF YOU WANT IT / War is warWar then, if that’s what you wantIntroductionNext time, when you’re still standing around commemorating something that you’ve lost, and all you see around you are the walking wounded and a fading brand struggling to stay relevant, hopefully there will come a point when you realize that whatever it was that started last fall, it wasn’t a movement. A year without follow-up, of… …

Global movement

AntiCapitalistMedia, an amazing blog!

We invite all our friends to navigate, investigate, read and share with everybody the amazing knowledge, information, political philosophy, sociology and history of social struggles that is gathered in the influential blog AntiCapitalistMedia : …

Global movement

From the Multitudes of Europe Rising Up Against the Empire and Marching

Wandering about the lack of serious invitations or preparations from the side of Italian Movement against the meeting of G8 leaders in Italy during July 2009,… as we are searching for voices of revolt and resistance in Italian society, as we observe the Italian antagonistic movement to follow the way of the Left parties into oblivion, as we observe the Italian fascists to take more and more power in Italy… …

Global movement

Support Infoshop!

This is a letter we recieved from Chuck Manson for and Infoshop News…We are asking all our friends to consider their participation and economical help to Infoshop as a really important move for the meintenance of the undergound global network of news, theory and information Dear Friends,I’m asking my friends and comrades to consider making a financial donation to the project. I know that many of us are… …

Global movement

The Shock Doctrine a film by Alfonso Guaron & Naomi Klain directed by Jonas Guaron

This important video is based in the book of Naomi Klain  The Shock Doctrine and in this edition the film is with Spanish subtitles  [please share and distribute this film] In THE SHOCK DOCTRINE,  Naomi Klein explodes the myth that the global free market triumphed democratically. Exposing the thinking, the money trail and the puppet strings behind the world-changing crises and wars of the last four decades, The Shock Doctrine is… …

Global movement

STEAL THIS FILM 2 >> A film about the efforts of capitalism to destroy freedom in internet

“These are strange times indeed. While they continue to command so much attention in the mainstream media, the ‘battles’ between old and new modes of distribution, between the pirate and the institution of copyright, seem to many of us already lost and won. We know who the victors are. Why then say any more?Because waves of repression continue to come: lawsuits are still levied against innocent people; arrests are still… …

Global movement

Deconstructing the Power of the Global Elite Part 1: Brute Force, The Power to Hurt, and Psychological Control By Judith Young, Ph.D.

In the aftermath of Congressional approval of bailout legislation granting sweeping powers to the financial elite, the body politic appears to be helplessly mired in the relentless unfolding of classical fascism before its very eyes. Coming to terms with this terrifying predicament can benefit from a primer that renders naked the forms of raw power used by the global elite in advancing its agenda for full spectrum dominance. This will… …

Global movement

Deconstructing the Power of the Global Elite Part II: States of Mental Disempowerment By Judith H. Young, Ph.D.

In Part I of “Deconstructing the Power of the Global Elite,” I discussed a threefold model of power: Brute Force, the Power to Hurt and Psychological Control. In Part II, I will address several forms of psychological control designed to induce states of mind that are inherently disempowering, that eliminate or severely diminish our will to take corrective action in the face of grievous harm. As stated in a famous… …

Global movement

Rebel Diaz: This is What Democracy Looks Like – in New York! Directed by David “Drizz” Rodriguez

Warning to Mayor Bloomberg and his machine:Don’t underestimate the revolutionary movement from the below! Rebel Diaz!Watch your backs! This family oriented video is the response to the unjust actions and the unnecessary push for a third term by Mayor Bloomberg. He has to be held accountable for the police murders and brutality, for lack of housing, for being an investor in so much of the gentrification going on in Brooklyn,… …

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