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September 2009

Global movement

Fight Against G-20 in Pittsburgh…What Happened There?

photos originaly from Reuters and Associated Press Void Network and Void Mirror international blog offers here analysis and review from Crimethic Ex Workers Collective about the riots took place in Pittsburgh-U.S.A. during the conference of G-20 there… As long as the “world leaders” and the financial elite will gather to organize the exploitation of human beings and the destruction of Earth, they will be allways sensitive and consciouss human beings… …

Global movement

The Federation Of Egalitarian Communities! Another World Just happening!

The Federation of Egalitarian Communities is a network of communalgroups spread across North America. They range in size and emphasis fromsmall agricultural homesteads to village-like communities to urbangroup houses. Principles of the FEC Each of the FEC communities: Holds its land, labor, incomeand other resources in common. Assumes responsibility for the needs of its members, receivingthe products of their labor and distributing these and all othergoods equally, or according to… …

Global movement

6 Serb comrades from Anarchosyndicalist Initiative arrested by the Serbian state for an attack that they have completely no relation!

Void Mirror international blog and Void Network participates in the International Solidarity Movement for the 6 members of Serbian Anarchosyndicalist Initiative that have been arrested by the Serbian State accused for an attack to the Greek embassy. The comrades they are completely non relevant with this attack but even though, the European State see in their faces an inner enemy for the European capitalistic Totalitarianism. In their faces we see… …

Global movement

Conversation with Raoul Vaneigem by Hans Ulrich Obrist

Conversation with Raoul Vaneigemby Hans Ulrich Obrist May 2009 / e-flux magazine Translated from the French by Eric Anglès HUO: In his book Utopistics, Immanuel Wallerstein claims that our world system is undergoing a structural crisis. He predicts it will take another twenty to fifty years for a more democratic and egalitarian system to replace it. He believes that the future belongs to “demarketized,” free-of-charge institutions (on the model, say,… …

Global movement

1968 and Doors to New Worlds by John Holloway

1968? Why talk about 1968? There are so many urgent things happening. Let’s talk of Oaxaca and Chiapas and the danger of civil war in Mexico. Let’s talk of the war in Iraq and the rapid destruction of the natural preconditions of human existence. Is this really a good moment for old men to sit back and reminisce? But perhaps we need to talk of 1968 because, even in the… …

Void Network News


KENO ΔΙΚΤΥΟ [Θεωρία,Ουτοπία,Συναίσθηση,Εφήμερες Τέχνες] VOID NETWORK [Theory,Utopia,Empathy,Ephemeral Arts] presents INDIE FREE FESTIVAL no.19 3 stages for all underground cultures SATURDAY 10 OCTOBER 09 LOFIS STREFI // STREFIS HILL EXARCHIA ATHENS GREECE Starts 4.30 in the afternoon LIVE STAGE: 17.30-18.00 CARTOONS [punk]18.00-18.45 CARBONATE LEMONADE [indie]18.45-19.30 AEΡA ΠATEΡA [dada]19.30-20.15 CINEKOD [post rock]20.15-21.00 B’SIDES [indie]21.00-21.45 MC YINCA [hip hop]21.45-22.30 THE BOY [experimental]22.30-23.15 Θ.ΑΝΕΣΤΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ ex-ΔΙΑΦΑΝΑ ΚΡΙΝΑ [dark wave]23.15-12.00 BOKOMOLECH [indie]12.00-12.45 MISUSE [post rock]12.45-1.15… …

Global movement

We Can Live Without Capitalism / Stop Paying Back Your Loans To The Banks!

banks that have been affected by the idea of 17-s WE CAN LIVE WITHOUT CAPITALISM is an initiative in which people participate as individuals, even though they are an active group of people in different social movements. Behind this publication there is no institution, company, nor organization. They are people you may usually find in campaigns to denounce the current system and to construct alternatives, people like you could be.… …

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