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November 2009

Global movement

Copenhagen Climate Summit Legal Advice: Legal rights in Denmark

Introduction The following is a brief walkthrough of your basic legal rights in Denmark. Also included are a few pieces of advice, which can come in handy if you are confronted by the Danish police and judicial system. On your person Being in posession of ammunition shelters (even empty ones), gas sprays, slingshots, clubs or drugs (including hashish) are considered a crime in Denmark. The only kind of knife it… …

Void Network News

Drum ‘n Bass / Breaks Saturday 28 November 2009 Athens Polytechnic University

Void Networkannounces the participation ofVoid Optical Art Laboratorywith all night Void Art visual projectionsin the Drum ‘n Bass and Breaks eventorganized inSaturday 28 November 2009in Athens Polytechnic Universityby Funxion and Urban Danjaundergound collectives event report: more than 2000 people from all undergound communites came in the Polytechnic university for this event. Super powerful drum ‘n bass and huge screen visual projections mainly based in pictures & videos from December 2008… …

Global movement

The life and death of Ivan Khutorskoy, Russian Antifascist murdered in November 2009

Void Network: Day after day the conditions of life and death in Russian society becomes worst. It is obvious for all internationalists and social aware people that the Russian State is the worst neo-fascist / neo-capitalist State of the planet for this moment. The totalitarian neo-fascist capitalist regime of president Vladimir Putin and his buiseness friend’s protecting neo-nazi gangs, feeding Russian fascism as their last weapon to supress the social… …

Void Network News

International Call Against Cop15 United Nations Climate Change Conference Copenhagen December 2009

The catastrophe is real and climate change is one of its many symptoms. The COP15’s inevitable talk of “saving the world from the climate crisis” is an elaborate hoax to disguise the COP15’s true purpose: to restore the legitimacy of global capitalism by inaugurating an era of “green” capitalism. A new rhetoric of “saving the climate” will exist to justify their repression, their fortified borders, their colonial resource wars. To… …

Global movement

No Borders Groups Call to Action for Copenhagen Climate Change

This is a call out to action to international no borders groups during theCOP 15 in Copenhagen! Starting December 7, 2009 Climate change is now the ULTIMATE Shock and Awe. It encompasses all oflife now, and is the new spectacle. The climate change spectacle is thecomplete reconstruction andrevitalization of capitalism and all of itsdomination, hierarchies, exploitation,racism, sexism, patriarchy,heteronormativity, commodifications,privatizations, oppressions,repressions, murders, lies, and greed.Climate change will be used toterrorize us… …

Void Network News

Cop15 Copenhagen United Nations Conference for Climate Change

artwork by Void Network / for all activists and allClimate Change movements that fight against capitalism Climate activities towards, during and beyond the Copenhagen Summit: The coming Climate Summit in Copenhagen in December 2009 have generated a wide interest. Tens of thousands of activists, conference delegates and lobbyists will converge in the city for the 15th Conference of the Parties, COP 15, in the UN negotiations on a climate agreement.… …

Void Network News

Participation of d.j.s from Void Network in underground Free Party in Athens

APOSINTONISMOS & CREATIVE SPACE PRESENTS FRIDAY THE 13TH NOVEMBER FREE PARTY TEI PEIRAIA(PETROY RALLH & THIVON)STARTS 22:00 DUBSTEPELECTROTECHNOBREAKS DJS :DYNAMONSKERNELCOREMODED-JAHSTADIRECT CONNECTIONMOBTHROWSISSY STARDUSTHIGHPNO Void Network announces the participationof d.j. Sissy Stardust (with her unique experimental dubstep sound)and d.j. Highpno(with his space out dub sound)from Void Networkin the free party organized by two very important underground groups of cultural activistsand experimental artists Aposyntonismosand Creative Space… We believe that all the collectives have… …

Void Network News

What Does it mean When We Say “Freedom” ? by Panos Papadimitropoulos / Void Network

It is common knowledge in the areas of social sciences, especially social anthropology, that reality constituted symbolically, that the meaning that people give to the world does not reflect a deeper essence of things but is the product of the relationship between what we are talking about and the importance we attribute to it. In this sense, two people can understand the same situation, relationship or event in different ways… …

Global movement

Say No to War On Drugs! Global Legalization of All Drugs / 3 articles from mainstream press

Void Mirror accomodates 3 articles from the mainstream press proving that the time for the Global Legalization of All Drugs has come. Of course many of the opinions expressed here are not included in the ideas of Void Network but we think it can be usefull for the reader to observe the way that the mainstream starts slowly slowly to come closer to ideas that are common sense and well… …

Global movement/Theory

Eros Effect: People Power and The People’s Uprisisngs / an introductive video and an essay by George Katsiaficas

Eros Effect: People Power and People’s Uprisings an introductive video by George Katsiaficas* From 1968 to the East Asian Uprisings of the 1980s and 1990s (Gwangju, South Korea in particular) a new type of popular uprising has appeared. Often dubbed “people power” these protests reveal how thousands of ordinary people, acting together in the streets, exhibit an intelligence far greater than elites which today rule over nation-states and international economic… …

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