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Black Lives Matters! Ferguson is burning after grand jury decision of no-charges for police officer who killed Michael Brown LIVE REPORT

Ferguson, Missouri, erupts in violence after grand jury verdict not to charge Darren Wilson for shooting dead unarmed black teenager Michael Brown – follow live updates VOID NETWORK expresses solidarity for the uncompromised struggle of people all over Amerikkka against the police brutality and the totalitarian “justice” regime that offers to any policeman the right to kill people in the streets with “no-charges” for centuries now! This has to end… …

Global movement

Intervention (to Greek Anarchist movement) by The Barbarians

Of course, to begin with, everything needs to be broached with caution. We need to remember to make distinctionsin our thought. To speak with tact is not always the same as silence even if in some situations the only real choice is a tactful silence. Yet this is not the case in a general manner. Thus in speaking in a general way,  we can avoid this first, no doubt common… …


“Between Pridicates, War: Theses on Contemporary Struggle” by The Institute For Experimental Freedom

“To great writers, finished works weigh lighter than those fragments on which they labor their entire lives” W. Benjamin   –> The Institute for Experimental Freedom is proud to announce the release of Between Predicates, War: Theses on Contemporary Struggle. Almost two years in the making, Between Predicates, War is a fragmented collection of theses on our tumultuous situation. From Egypt to the US, Greece to the UK, contemporary struggle announces a revolt… …

Global movement

Letter to the Egyptian Black Bloc from U.S.A. anarchists

Void Network presents here, in Arabic and in English, an open letter from participants in black bloc actions in the United States to participants in the Egyptian black bloc, aimed at initiating a dialogue beyond the exchange of youtube videos. This is of interest to everyone around the world struggling for liberation, so please print and distribute widely: pamphlet in English: pamphlet in Arabic: The emergence of the… …

Global movement

Fighting in the New Terrain by Crimethinc Ex Workers Collective

                          Fighting in the New Terrain by Crimethinc Ex Workers Collective   Overture: The More Things Change… Once, the basic building block of patriarchy was the nuclear family, and calling for its abolition was a radical demand. Now families are increasingly fragmented—yet has this fundamentally expanded women’s power or children’s autonomy? Once, the mainstream media consisted of only a few television… …

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