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Global movement

The uncontacted tribes of Brazil face genocide under Jair Bolsonaro – by Fiona Watson

Brazil’s indigenous peoples, already targeted by loggers, face a powerful foe in the new president. We must protect them!   Οn 1 January, Jair Bolsonaro will be sworn in as Brazil’s 38th president. He has expressed open disdain for the indigenous peoples of Brazil, and it is no exaggeration to say that some of the world’s most unique and diverse tribes are facing annihilation. Genocide is defined by the UN as “the intent to destroy,… …

Void Network News

“REPORT Message from the Riots in Brasil” from Void Network / Rio De Janeiro section

Hello from Void Network / RIO DE JANEIRO / BRASIL guys! The people of Brasil finaly took the decisions to participate in the global protests AGAINST CAPITALISM AND GOVERNMENTS when the police used so much violence and really abused brutaly kids in the streets… What happened in 13th in Rio was massive! We reached 10000 people in the streets and all the media was there, the journalists freaked out completely, this… …

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